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Heat 100

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An ideal Nutritional supplement Bolus for physical condition improve


Vitamin A   5750I.U

Vitamin D3  1150 I.U

 Vitamin E    650mcg

Selenium       1mg

Phosphorus    320mg

Magnesium    32mg

Zinc               5mg

Lodine           5mg

Manganese  95mg

Iron             24mg

Cobalt         0.25mg

Copper        5mg

Calcium       480mg

 Bioactive Chromium 2 mg

Benefit:This product plays a role in hitting the cow
Eliminates the infertility of cow cows
Increases the ability of the baby to grow Keeps deep and healthy well and strong



Cattle and Buffaloes:

2 Bolus twice daily

Calves sheep & Goat:

1 Bolus twice daily


Organic Growth Formula and Performance Booster



Bacillus Subtilis    

Lactobacilius   Lactis    

 Saccharomyces  boulardi

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Zingiber officinale

Piper longum

Andrographis paniculate

Terminalia  chebula

Tephrosia Purpuria

Termenilia   arjuna

 Ecipta alba  


Increases the population of bidfidobacteria  in rumen which helps to increase the microbial protein turnover.

increases the quantity and quality of milk by increasing the total short chain fatty acids.

Helps to appetite and digestion in poultry.

 Enhances the digestibility and buffering capacity by normalizing the salivary secretion.

Helps to prevent acidosis by stimulating the lactic acid utilizing bacteria in the rumen.


Cattle ,camel,Horse: 100gm/daily

Goat,Sheeps, Calves:20-30gm/daily

Poultry: 500gm per ton feed.


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