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for Control of  Mastitis.


Each 100 gm powder contains:

Bacillus Subtilis            3.2×106               CFU

1- Sweet chestnut extract  5.00                 gm

DL-Methionine                  1.50                  gm

Monolorin                          60.00                 gm

Nano Zinc Oxide                5.00                   gm

Calcium Carbonate            8.50                   gm

Essential Oil  q. s. to             100                  gm




Reduction of somatic cells count

Improvement in milk quality & production

Improvement in immunity

Prevention of mastitis


Dosage & Administration

For pregnant and lactating Cattle:

Large Animal (Cow, Buffalo, Camel & Horse):

25-30 g twice daily for 3-5 days

Small Animal (Goat, Sheep, Dog & Cat) :

5-10 g twice daily for 3-5 days

or as advised by the registered veterinarian


12.Bovi D Vet powder

Bovi D Vet  is a regulator of the biochemical functions of the rumen in ruminants


DL Methionine 40mg,Genitianae radix 80gm,Cobalt Carbonate 0.1gm,Calcium Propionate  500mg,Siliciumoxide 12.5mg, pyridoxine hydrochloridum 0.38,Excipients q.s 1.000gm


♣ Poisoning (excess silage, Urea)

♣ Additional treatment of traumatic reticulites

♣ Helps to control blood glucose level

♣ Helps in treating muscle, tendon and joint inammation

♣ Protects against viruses, bacteria & fungus

♣ Treat about 25 dirent bacteria

 Gastric and metabolic disorders in cattle, sheep and goats. Adjuvant treatment of hypoglycemic states: acidosis, ketosis, pregnancy toxemia, overweight and sluggish rumen overload.

Dosage and Administration:

Large animal: 1Sachet every 12 hours for 3 days.

Small animal: 0.5 Sachet every 12 hours for 3 days.

or as directed by the veterinary physician.


125 gm sachet.


Store in a cool & dry place protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.


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